Jul 16, 2010


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While having lunch with a friend, I noticed her attention moved towards the people in the food court where we were. She said that she just can't believe how many people buy lunches because she almost always bring hers to work.

It doesn't surprise me anymore but I do wonder from time to time. I do eat out for lunch every now and then. In fact I've started organizing lunch with coworkers for Wellington on a Plate in August. We enjoyed last year's one, which is the beginning of the festival (or event, I'm not sure what WOAP is), and thought that we should do it again. Lunch costs between $25 and $35, and we can enjoy a very nice lunch made of a starter, a main, a dessert and a glass of wine. Not bad I think. My husband and I participate separately by taking a day off to celebrate our birthdays.

I like to brown bag. It makes me eat a healthy portion and get to do more work. A plate of lunch here in Wellington used to be around $10, but now it's a bit different -- either they scale down the portion a bit or increase prices. Even coffees here now cost at least $3.50 for a small takeaway cup. A large one is from $4.20. I personally like mocha latte (or mochaccino) and that costs more! It's sad so I only treat myself with that every now and again. I just drink instant coffee at work for free. There are a lot of people at work who bring lunch to work. The fridge is full everyday. That helps motivate me.

What's it like at your workplace?

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