Apr 17, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!

This morning I surprised my parents with the news that J and I bought them return tickets to a 3-day holiday in ChristChurch. Surprise! I got the what-were-you-thinking reaction. Nice.

It was the cheapest air fare we could find ($242 for 2 adults) so you could say it wasn't bad. The idea is that we wanted to thank them for their amazing help to us during our first months of parenthood by treating them to a short holiday in South Island. My dad is not the traveling kind. He likes to stay at home. My mom would go so long as dad goes, but she does not seem to give me the indication that she would try to convince dad. I don't even know why they won't consider. Even accommodation will be paid for. Good thing we have not confirmed our reservation on their hotel yet; Otherwise, we'd have spent more.

If they truly decide not to go, there is nothing we could do to get our money back. We can't even transfer the air fares to our names, so that we could at least enjoy the spent money. I'm annoyed, frustrated, and disappointed.

This is the joy of giving.


  1. That suuuucks. can't they at least pretend they are going to use it?

  2. No pretending. Just bye bye $242 :(