Jul 17, 2010

patience with public health

Surgical breast biopsyImage via Wikipedia
Public health is good, but it can also test your patience.

I have a medical issue that requires biopsy. It was categorized as semi-urgent and I recently received a letter in the mail about my schedule. It's in late September! Three months after it was diagnosed! I haven't yet sent back the form that confirms my availability on short notice -- within 48 hours of a spot opening up.

My GP told me that it wouldn't take a month because she believed that the queue wasn't long. I'm disappointed about the wait.

The initial tests indicated a good sign but they need to rule out cancer. I'm confident that it's nothing but I just want to get this issue over and done with. My letter did not say if my appointment was a consultation or surgery. I can't fully assume that it's surgery despite my GP having faxed to them all of the information that she has about me and the 2 test results performed on me. I suppose I can only wait and see.

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