Jul 16, 2010

follow the serving size people!

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I'm one to preach! :)

Well, I cracked this one a few months ago. You see, I love, uhm...SPAM. I know. My husband says "Ew!" whenever I see it in the supermarket and go "Yum!"

I gave in to Spam one time. By the way, I only buy it like 2-3 times a year. I read the total serving and it was 5! I cut the whole thing into 5 portions and I was disappointed to just eat that little. But it turned out pretty well with salad. So, not bad.

Now I follow serving sizes for any packed product, even porridge (aka oats). I found out that I get hungry every 2-3 hours when I eat the suggested serving size. This helped me understand my body and plan ahead.

So I pack at least 2 pieces of fruit and sometimes add an extra banana just to make sure. Would you believe I only eat half a cup of oats (or 2 weetbixes) in 3/4 cup of milk in the morning? When I read that I thought was crazy! But I obliged and I'm satisfied now. My body is not begging for more unlike it used to.

I get to work at 8am and eat immediately. By 10:30am I'll feel hungry again and I eat a fruit.

The aim is to lose my extra flab and save more money. Let's see what happens!

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