Nov 14, 2008

paying rates and housewarming

After thinking of paying it fornightly, and then changing my mind, I finally mailed the direct debit form today to change our rates instalments to fortnightly instead of the 5/year one. Because our budget is based on that schedule, might as well adapt that method across all of our payees. That's around $70 each time so it's not so bad.

While watching tv tonight, J brought up our pending housewarming. It's tentatively on the 29th and if most of our guests aren't available it'd be on the 6th of Dec. I've not really planned for that in our budget but I said a budget of $300 would be adequate and hopefully guests would offer to bring food and/or drinks. We'll probably end up with 30 or so guests including children and here are our planned menu.

  • meatballs
  • sausage sizzle (Kiwi style)
  • grilled mushroom drizzled with olive oil and topped with cheese (thanks to my sister's suggestion)
  • fruits
  • potato salad
  • chips with salsa and J's homemade guacamole
  • bbq pork chops
  • grilled potato and kumara wrapped in foil
  • corn on cobs (if we ever find cheap ones in a farmer's market)
  • beer, wine, and lots of it
So, what do you think? Would $300 be good enough to cover the menu (except for drinks)? I'm sure guests would bring drinks and we plan to make it a lovely Saturday afternoon full of music, friendship, laughter, food, drinks, and fun!

Another thing - we met one of our house sitters today. He was a mild-mannered highly liberal American. We like him. We have offered to let him stay a month's advance and his entire family is going to join him just in time when we get back. He offered to pay rent even! We said $100/week should be fine, but of course that will stop once we leave. It's a trade-off after all. One last good thing - he offered to drive us to the airport at 6 in the morning! Sweet as (what?)!


  1. I am craving some major meatballs right now.

  2. I caught myself saying Sweet As the other day for the first time automatically. I hung out with a Kiwi guy all last week during my conference--I blame him. We're livin the dream, mate!

    have fun at your housewarming!!