Mar 28, 2009

raving about savings

Rubbish bags
I was out in the yard yesterday when I found something that I wanted to throw in the bin. I opened the lid and I was so surprised that there was no Council bag in it, hence no trash. I immediately thought about the last 6 days since the last trash pick up and all we've had so far is the trash in the kitchen. What's this mean? This means that we have been really good at composting and need not buy Council rubbish bags for a long while. We bought rubbish bags about 4 weeks ago and we've only used a couple I think. So we'll only have to get rid of our recycling next pick up. Woohoo!

Eating well
One significant reason why we are enjoying this "little" savings is our healthy eating. What used to be a lot for 2 adults is now made in right amounts. Who knew I'd be fine with just a little bowl of soup and 2 slices of bread? Not me! But I am happy, especially after having tried my skinny jeans and I now fit in them again!!! That made me feel so good I tell you! I wish the flabby stomach would go away but I need to work on that I know. It helps that my exercises (advised by my physio) is mainly focused on strengthening my core. Must go back to Wii Fit-ing again.

Old dishwasher
We bought a used 2-drawer dishwasher for $250. We're pleased about that and quite excited to be lazy :-P Having 2 drawers means not having to use a lot of water and electricity to wash a small load or not have to wait to fill a 1-door dishwasher. Our daily dish usage can fit one of the drawers so it's going to work out I can tell now. It has an eco-wash option too. It's always good to be eco-friendly.


  1. Bob, I bid $11,006.05 on your $100 debt challenge!! My friend was just on The Price is Right, this feels similar to that show... :)

  2. Eating well is insurance for your health AND waistline. Congrats on the nice dishwasher find. We don't have one currently. My wife's gripes about dish washing may lead me to get one ourselves.