Jul 22, 2012

Sprinkling tiny goals

You know how in losing weight it's easier to target a close and small weight loss goal instead of targeting the ultimate goal? When I tried Weight Watchers, they suggested a target goal of 5 lbs instead of my healthy, and ultimate goal, of under 135 lbs (which is the heaviest for my height).

With my starting self-confidence (aka deflated ego), I thought 5 lbs was so easy to get rid of. I was honestly disappointed at the beginning when I was "forced" to start with losing 5 lbs. Though I managed to shed 5 lbs off and more, the process took longer than I expected.

Life happens, my priority shifts from time to time, and my hormones tell me what to do. So much self-control was necessary and I didn't have it in me to keep at it. I stopped WW after 4 months, mostly because I reached a plateau - I wasn't losing any more nor was I gaining beyond the ~3 lbs that my body would gain at certain times of the month and shed off in a day or 2.

Waitangi Park, Wellington, New Zealand

So today, I've decided to try a similar approach. Our only debt is J's student loan, which is at $32,894 today. Its interest rate at 7.375% is not low enough for our $500/month to have a big impact on. For a couple of months now, I've been thinking of setting a small goal to get it below $30,500 by the end of 2012.

With our current monthly payment of $500, ~$300 of it goes towards the principal. By end of the year, it will be around $31k. This gave me the inspiration to target an extra $500 to pay. We already pay an extra month to it by adding 10% to the minimum, which is another way of paying bi-weekly.

J is really dying to get his student loan gone. It has been too long and I'm just as excited to get this off our backs! Good luck to us!

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