Sep 16, 2008

Free $30

Want free $30 just to open a savings account? Of course you do. :)

I got an email from Raboplus (my significant other bank) with the promo code. Although it says "Feel free to tell your mates", I'm not sure if I can just post it online. So, just send me a message and I'll give you the promotional code privately.

I can only wish I had this promo last year!


  1. Oh noes! I just opened a RaboPlus account last week. Am about to blog about it being the start of my Emergency Fund. Shame, that $30 would have been a nice starting number. Ah well.

    BTW: I'm in Wellington too and have been reading your progress for a while now. Keep going and good luck in your new house :-)

  2. hi retire-at-40,

    first of all, i LOVE your nickname! i'm hoping i could do just that! :)

    i know, that sucks eh? wish they could just add $30 to account holders. that would be really nifty!

    thanks for following my blog! :)

  3. Hmmm, can you delete my comment after sending me the promo code? Forgot about spammers and email addresses...