Jul 20, 2012

We're finally smart...or getting there...

As of today, we have:


Savings: $15,915
Investments: $6,797
Car: $3,200
Extra Savings still in NZ: $13,300


Student Loan: $32,800

Net Worth: $6,412

And you know, that's not bad at all. We're not in the red anymore. For a long while we were, and it felt like a loooong while.

We're quite lucky to be earning good income that helped quicken the consumer debt payoff, not to mention the practical, but not so easy, decisions we had to make to get us to where we are today.

Powell's Bookstore, Portland

I decided to do the math today and when I saw that we reached $15k savings just made me sigh. Relief! It wasn't the amount, but that we did it you know?

There was also plenty of acceptance in the process - for what was, for the learning that needed to happen, for life that we have to live. Reflection was constant and ego-check is always necessary.

I found myself in such a relaxed mode that I decided to leave work at 3:15pm today. Sure, I'll lose money not working nearly 2 hours (I'm a contractor, $52/hour) but screw that. I decided to start enjoying my weekend early.

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