Jan 3, 2011

Living on my own

I've noticed that I buy less grocery when I'm on my own. Food seems to last longer -- obviously -- but also it's easier to take into account just my diet. When I shop for my family, I have to take into consideration their own dietary needs. Then there's dessert. I can buy one cupcake-size cheesecake and I'm set for days, sometimes even for a week.

Moore Wilson's is the best for buying desserts! Thanks to Floriditas who provide them! I've always liked shopping at MW, but I find them expensive at times especially in the meat section. Their meats are of great quality though, so can't really complain.

Anyway, I have a co-worker who lives next to my apartment who I share food with sometimes. Well, it sort of started out that way when I first moved in with her. I think she just liked the set up. As for me, I'm ok with it but not on a daily basis! So far, it has worked out well; but I generally don't enjoy her cooking because it lacks variety. I can't even begin how much meat she cooks. Ugh.

It looks like $40/week for me works. Hormone helps too. A week before my period I just gorge in food! It's so gross how much sugar I'd consume and all that fluid that my body retains. Then a day after my period starts, I deflate and lose appetite. It's a cycle that no matter how I resolve to not eating much prior to my monthly period, I just get sucked in. I hate having periods sometimes.

I'm enjoying Wellington in my last month. I forgot how vibrant it can be. Still unsure whether the gusty winds will be missed, but I've started feeling some sort of separation anxiety when I went into a gift shop today. I always bring my camera with me cos there are just things that can't be missed, like this:

Gusty winds can really do this in Wellington. Isn't that just scary?

Despite the joys of living alone, I miss my family very much. I keep thinking about next month when I reunite with J, and then another month when the whole family is together.

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