Dec 30, 2010

Taxi charged extra $2

Okay, I've been searching online and haven't found the answer yet.

Why do Combined taxis charge an extra $2 when paying by EFTPOS???

Obviously I don't take taxis regularly, but a recent hauling of stuff from parking lot 400 meters away from my apartment has taken its toll and I decided to spend $7 for convenience.

The taxi driver warned me about the charge but I had no cash with me at the time, and I rarely do because this is NZ -- one of the EFTPOS lands I know of.


  1. I thought it was because they had to use mobile data to be able to use the eftpos machine.. rather than in a shop that has a line dedicated to it...

  2. Aha, that makes sense. I still think $2/transaction is steep for a few seconds (and probably few kilobytes) of mobile use! :(