Aug 5, 2010

okay, sometimes public health care sucks

The reality is that there are plenty of factors that caused my appointment to be moved from September to November. Two friggin' months!

I was disappointed but not as much as J was. Of course I want to get this issue over and done with, but it's too late and costly to revive health insurance now.

My case was prioritized as Semi-Urgent. I wasn't even sure what that meant until we took our child to the 24-clinic at the hospital.

There are 5 priority levels:
1. Life threatening
3. Urgent
4. Semi-urgent

I can't remember the other 2 in order, but I'm sure there's Emergency there. My mom is worried about it but I told her that that's public health. It's not like it's always that bad.

There aren't adequate medical capability (skills) here in New Zealand. Two years ago, there was this big issue about the ONLY Pediatric Oncologist in Wellington (or NZ?) left the country to accept a job offer in Australia. All pediatric cancer patients were flown to Auckland for care. Isn't that bad?

I suppose my case isn't life threatening, but until I undergo the biopsy we really can't tell, can we? Here I am crossing my fingers that my November appointment doesn't get changed any further.


  1. You are scaring me by saying the public health care sucks because we are going to a public insurance (sort of) system soon in the US. I don't know where it will lead because I've heard horror stories from other countries.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    It's not bad if the country's medical work force is huge. In NZ, there is very much a shortage in doctors and nurses :( hence, the long wait. So far, I've not really felt bad about it until now. After my first visit, I have been set up for more visits since. Don't worry! America should be so much better with your large medical work force.