May 7, 2008

Jewellry and big ticket items

Question to my readership:

Do you include the value of big ticket items (e.g. big plasma TV) and jewelry as part of your net worth?


  1. elliott,

    really? maybe not the big plasma tv, but why not jewelry? golds, diamonds, etc - they have significant worth in the market.

    would love to hear more thoughts on this!

  2. nope, it's just no guarantees if they would sell/what they would sell for.

    Case in point: my dvd player is in perfect condition (used 1-2x) and is priced half of what I bought it for (and less than all the other dvd players on craigslist), and NO ONE is buying it. The market is not reliable for goods.

    I count cash/stock accounts only, and even then, stocks are not reliable.

  3. For one, maintaining an accurate valuation over time would be difficult. However, my main reason I don't count jewelry is that I didn't purchase it as an investment and have no intentions of selling.

    I'm pretty sure that my wife wouldn't like seeing her engagement ring, wedding band, or diamond earrings (my wedding /medical school graduation present to her) sandwiched between Vanguard index funds and savings accounts when calculating our net worth.

    That being said, I still insure the more valuable pieces.