Jan 3, 2008

hallelujah to EFTPOS

yesterday i mentioned in an entry about not knowing where my wallet was. j confirmed that it wasn't at home after looking at the most probable places where i might put it. he then suggested that i call Reading Cinema where we watched a movie the day before. i honestly didn't think of calling them because in my mind it was just unimaginable to lose only my wallet. the rest of my bag's contents were still in the bag!

so anyway, i did call and after the lady i spoke to did a quick check with someone else i heard her say "sweet as". yes, my wallet was with them! yahoo! my wallet is just a rectangular coin purse that has a zipper on top. i don't carry cash with me anymore, ever since i moved to NZ. the only item that could be of quick use was my 10-pass bus ticket that i didn't expect to be returned to me. true enough the bus ticket wasn't in my wallet. everything else, including 3 credit cards, 2 EFTPOS cards, membership cards, and other extra things, were returned safely. my wallet was not with me for almost 20 hours without me knowing it!

when i picked up my wallet, they didn't even ask for identification before handing it back to me. people here in NZ can be trusting to a surprising degree sometimes. :) 

no transaction fees
doing cashless transaction is efficient here in NZ i think because most payments here get rounded off to the nearest whole number. if you buy a $3.97 item, you'd end up paying $4 if you do so in cash. imagine how much those overpaid pennies coming out of one's pocket amount to! que horror! so anyway, i use a zero transaction fee checking account which makes it all the more great.


  1. I've had the same twenty-dollar-note in my wallet for a few months now... I only ever use my credit cards or EFTPOS.

    And love it when the rounding works in my favour!!

  2. haha! i forgot to see it from that vantage point! cool! thanks for reminding me!