Oct 13, 2010

MyWorth - the coolest net worth iPhone app!

Finally! A net worth iPhone app that has everything I need to track my net worth!

MyWorth offers a more detailed approach to tracking my assets and liabilities. It also offers a fancy graph for visual motivation. It's really nice and I love it! :) The graph appears when I change the orientation to horizontal and disappears when I reverse. How cool is that?

The app offers more categories and the flexibility to add more for my own customization.

This is one of the features that I love - the ability to add an asset that is also a liability! The feature is offered for home/mortgage and car/loan. This means not having to do double-entry.

I searched iTunes for similar apps but got disappointed for a variety of reasons. One was too simple and sidetracked into tracking expenses, one had confusing user interface design, and one that just didn't quite offer what I want.

Social Networking
If I were brave enough to share my net worth, I could with MyWorth's interface with Twitter and Facebook. Not to confuse you, the app doesn't share your net worth automatically. You have full control over what you share.

Only in the USA
MyWorth is only set up (eg. demographics) for American consumers, but it shouldn't stop you from using it. It doesn't offer currency conversion...yet. I believe that this app will grow into a wider coverage soon.

But, oh boy, MyWorth is AWESOME!!! At $2.99, I have bought myself a cheap app that will serve me for a very long time. Well done MyWorth creators!

Here's the link to MyWorth's on iTunes: http://goo.gl/cnev


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