Jul 26, 2010

Grocery under budget for 6 weeks

Woo hoo! Six straight weeks! I didn't realize we had been THAT decisive to cut down. We have been eating waaay less meat nowadays and eating appropriate portions. All 3 of us have been living on plenty of produce. I cut 1 chicken breast or 4 pieces of minute steaks into strips and cook with veg if we badly want some meat. Top it on a bit of brown rice and voila! C'est dinner!

a GF sandwich!Image by jensteele via Flickr

We're happy. Our wallets are happy. I don't feel bloated. I fit in my skinny jeans.

Apart from some kind of bug that doesn't seem to want to leave our house, the home front is in pretty good state of everything. Still a month to go before we pay off cc usage but every spend (down to the cent) is already accounted for in the budget.

I hope we can still meet the grocery budget as we fully adopt a gluten-free diet for J. It's not the most encouraging when a loaf of bread costs $7 at Pak N Save! I've looked online at a few GF online shops in NZ and there's really no big difference in prices. Maybe I need to consider making our own GF bread? Would that work on a regular bread maker?

Anyways, we did cut down on many things that are mostly non-essentials like blue cheese, dips, chips, ice cream, chicken and beef, and expensive fish. My body hasn't felt deprived yet, perhaps because of the nutritious foods that I've been eating? Hope so! :)

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