Jul 14, 2010

how much do you pay for petrol?

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I've just updated our petrol budget to $65 a fortnight.

We budgeted $60/fortnight for petrol fuel for more than a year since getting our hybrid car. We used to pay less after using a petrol voucher from Pak N Save, but the rising petrol costs has had us paying between $62 and $67. It's annoying but I can't complain whenever another person gasps at our cheap petrol cost. I mean paying less than $70/fortnight for at least 420km to and from work for 10 working days isn't bad, is it?

When we had a petrol-guzzler car, $80/fortnight was the minimum and we used to live within 5km of our workplaces. So crazy back then! I couldn't deal with that. I just wanted to get rid of our car and so we did in less than a year of owning it. After owning a hybrid, I don't think I would ever consider a regular auto again.

What's your fortnightly/weekly cost for petrol?
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