Jul 15, 2010

daycare food

Comfort Foods - Parent's Beware!Image by AlyssssylA via Flickr
Despite our best attempts and efforts to provide our child healthy and nutritious foods, I was so disappointed to see his daycare serving biscuits for morning tea! What the hell is that about?

No wonder my child has started having "preferences" when he used to accept any food we offer him. I've expressed this concern to J and we are considering bringing it up to their attention.

Also, I was shocked to see kids eating potato chips packed by their parents! Is that usual? My mom hardly included those in our lunch boxes and I remember feeling jealous of my classmates who had small packets of potato chips in their lunch boxes. But I am talking about preschoolers here! So here I am, just can't bring myself to include chips in my tot's lunch box. I've started to include rice crackers though. Does that count?

Apart from chips and biscuits, my tot has also refused carrots. He used to love those orange things! He loved them when he didn't have teeth but now the only carrot he'll eat are frozen ones. We have to mask veg under rice or pasta and pretend that his spoon is a plane just to get the food in his mouth. He does eat independently, though. It's not like I spoon feed him but I'm desperate!
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