Jul 14, 2010

a new diet

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Okay, J and I will be embarking on a new diet: gluten-free.

I don't have any health issues that require me to go gluten-free, but J believes it could help him with his. J has had a...well...digestive-related issue for half of his life. He has never tried to modify his diet. He is no longer on medication for half a year now, which is what I'm so proud of! However, it still gets triggered and we're going to do a form of elimination diet and we think we could start with going on gluten-free.

We want to find out what is triggers the symptoms. I have searched a lot online and talked to a friend who's having a similar issue. I found information on soluble and insoluble fibers and FODMAPs. Even the healthiest of foods need to be limited to prevent any symptom.

We have to follow the diet for 8, maybe 12, weeks to really draw conclusions from it. It will be hard because we have a child who needs as much nutrition as we can give him, seeing that his daycare is not doing it properly (but that will be another post). So we'll start with no dairy for him, no nuts, no high-fructose fruit (goodbye apple), and no insoluble fiber.

I'm going to join in, to an extent, to motivate my husband. It can be hard without support, especially when I do all the cooking.

Man, oh man. It will be a challenge. I could see the grocery spends going down already.
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