Jul 9, 2010

back from nowhere

Hello! I'm back. I know, I've been lame and quiet for nearly 3 months but I've been reading your entries. I don't really know what occurred. I just all of a sudden went cold on my blog. I wasn't sure what I'm blogging about anymore because I originally set it up to motivate me to improve our finances but it hasn't really gone anywhere. I had to take time off and deal with other issues I had been having in regards to our move overseas. My husband and I couldn't meet in the middle for the longest time and it was causing me to get sidetracked.

In the last 2 months, we've actually worked out some of that and now we have a better idea of what we want to do. He has also decided to stay here for a bit longer, which is good because we can save some more and sort the move properly. He's still not happy about his job that's why he's going to apply for a job we recently saw posted. Hopefully he gets that. His employer is also going through a massive organizational re-structuring and he still has his job gladly. We found out about that while we were vacationing in Queenstown and that just stressed me, which obviously made the last days of that trip unbearable -- waiting for the confirmation about what the change was about.

We are still actively paying down our debts. After we've come back from vacation we've not spent a cent on dining out. That's a good thing. I also started exercising a little as often as I can to help improve my posture. My back pains are not as bad now. I also have a more aggressive attitude towards meeting our grocery budget by paying more close attention to what we buy and eat. I'm actually considering going on a pescetarian diet. I've also been cooking just enough for our family, therefore enabling us to meet our grocery budget of $150/week.

Overall, I feel so much better about things. I'm still not sure what I feel about the government's Budget 2010. Sorry, I digressed a bit. I find it hard to focus on one topic when I blog, which also contributes to my writing problem with this blog. I feel that I'm all over the place sometimes. You could say that I've not been happy about my personality lately. I suppose the issues my husband and I had magnified differences we had including my very perfect personality! :)

During the quiet period, we scored ourselves free petrol top-up! It was a technical issue with the petrol station but I was honest enough to let them know, but they couldn't figure out the root cause and basically told me that I got lucky. I wish that happens more than once a year. :)

So yeah, I'm back but I'm not sure how back I am. Last note: Kiwisaver sucks right now!

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