Jul 9, 2010

got the boots

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I am happy to share that I found a shop that sells a nice collection of shoes: Maher Shoes

I accidentally discovered them on my way to my team's monthly coffee catch up. My pair is #11 in the New Range styles. They even gave away a pair of my choice so I got a nice strappy dress shoes. I'm not too sure if they still offer that anymore. The shoes they gave away were more for spring/summer so I chose a more classic style. I regret getting a red pair though because I have 3 red shoes already.

I love my boots so far. The quality is good too. I think I'll keep an eye on that shop from now on. I would still like to get a new pair of pumps but I have to get a rein on spending and live with the shoes that I have. It's funny but I want to live like a poor person for a while and eat meals with ingredients that my grandma can recognize.
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