Apr 24, 2010

blowing out on take-outs

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Ok, we've been bad about eating out or take-outs. We've blown out our budget for those by at least twice for 2 periods in a row. Chinese food

It seems that my brain is just constantly busy with work thoughts these days. Usually cooking calms me and gives me space for myself, but lately I'm just not inspired enough. Work situation isn't good due to these new consultants hired by the big boss to shake things up. They can be rude and belittling and everybody feels that.

I resolved to improving this bad habit-forming act. This period I'll make sure we stick to the spend plan.

One good thing accomplished is the Queenstown trip. Itinerary is 85% solid and airfares, accommodation and activities are paid. Skiing is still not solid yet. We plan to research more about costs. I'm not certain about doing a crash course on it yet. I just really want the kid to play in the snow. We will see.
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  1. Ugh! We're doing the same thing. We're taking on more work but it leads to more spending because we're not taking the time to cook. My only insurance for staying within my budget is to not get so swamped.