Apr 1, 2010

new tax changes

We've been waiting for the confirmation on J's pay increase from the annual collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and it's not bad to get 1.5% on top of his standard annual pay increase of 3.5% (which I hope he'd get more in the next year; and me too!). It's also good news that with the recent tax changes, he's back to a lower bracket of 33%. With all that, he'd be bringing in more money on the table and that just makes the budget happier. Oh, there's also a lump sum payment of $350 that will come with the 1.5% effective mid-April. Yay!

I wish that I could get mid-year increase from CBA but I chose not to be a member of that. I don't even know if that has an effect on the salary, which I have not heard of since I've been employed at my organisation. Unfortunately, unless the tax goes into some major overhaul (or I get a lower-paying job), I can't be anywhere below 38%. Blah. That's why moving overseas seems such a luscious idea.

I'm happy overall. Life's good. :)

Happy Easter everyone!

xx, Tash


  1. I'm thinking of moving onto our collective agreement - now that I work weekends, their shift allowances would make a real difference to my take-home. Still have some things to sort out on that front, though.

  2. If only there were some difference the CBA does at my workplace, I'd be in it! Glad to know that you're employed by an org/company where CBA has some tangible benefit.