Mar 29, 2010

prices going nowhere but up

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Have you noticed supermarket prices hiking up too soon? My child's formula hiked up to more than $2 in less than 2 months! The other night I picked up a few things and breezed through the express lane, and whaddya know, I spent $73.

I can't believe it! We already spent our food budget and more. The non-food grocery budget still has $50+ left. I mean there are a few things that we got, like Colgate Plax and Sensodyne, that aren't usual on the list but still. I don't think I'm in denial (or am I?). We've been shopping at Countdown nowadays cos there is barely a difference now. Pak N Save is still the cheapest generally but the prices are hiking up faster than the budget can handle. Countdown doesn't offer the best in the meat section so we choose to go there for more variety in products and fresher fruits. I was really disheartened when I saw the price of the formula only 50c less at PnS when it used to be $2+ less! The fridge is stocked and I don't see us shopping until next week, unless we run out of fruits soon.

Have you been experiencing this lately too? How are you coping?

On a good note, my Kiwisaver has reached 5 digits this month!


  1. Oh yeah, milk is back up to ridiculous heights, and I was stunned to see how little we got for $80 the other week. It's very sad.

  2. eemusings: It is very sad! It makes it very frustrating keeping to our budget when prices keep going up. I might have to rethink the food budget in the next month or so if these prices don't stay put. :(

    How much do you budget for you and T? Just curious but you don't have to answer that. :)