Apr 3, 2010

winter holiday ideas

The Luge in Queenstown, New ZealandImage via Wikipedia
J and I believe that if we were to go on a winter holiday, this is the year to do it. The kid's big and old enough to pursue fun and he understands the concept of traveling now after 3 major overseas trips within 12 months! Plus, we might leave next year, who knows.

We choose to go to Queenstown and ski at the Coronet Peak. At this time, we're quite decided to spend 5 relaxing nights to discover the area of Queenstown and its surrounding localities, learn to ski, have fun as a family in the snow, and be a part of the Winter Festival.

Using AirNZ's holiday planner, our costs will be between $1400 and $1700 if we book now. It includes:

  • Air fares
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Gondola and 3 Luge rides
  • Car rental to and from airport
We plan to rent a car from another company as that would be much cheaper by $100 or so. If we could borrow ski gears from friends that would also be great, but I'm not entirely betting on that. I'm excited! We might book and pay for this holiday this month just to beat the rising rates.

Any suggestions will help! :)


  1. Have been thinking of visiting Queenstown, but it would be VERY pricey...and figure it probably wouldn't be much different than Ruapehu. We're not exactly snow bunnies! But I really want to say I've been to Queenstown ya know?

  2. Hi eemusings,

    We visited Ruapehu 2 winters ago on a whim, which was a bad decision as the rates for everything was very high that time.

    We decided to do Queenstown cos we've never been anywhere past Nelson and Marlborough in the South Island. I'm not too keen to be sitting in the car for 5 hours again esp. with a toddler.

    But yes, I know what you mean about "having been there". :) Actually, if you book now the rates are still reasonable.