Sep 20, 2009

would you budget for your work expenses?

The latest change in J's work place is the giving back of their work-issued credit cards. Only those who are in the very high management levels are going to retain theirs. I got really annoyed by this because it only means that employees will have to take out from their pockets first before they get reimbursed for them.

J travels out of town semi-regularly for at least 2 days. This means that he has to spend money on dinners and snacks. When travelling alone he usually buys cheap takeaways and eat in his hotel room. Now to take his credit card away means that we have to plan for his trips so that we can budget for those expenses!!! That is just plain inconsideration in my blunt opinion.

I brought up the accounting phrase Petty Cash. Unfortunately J doesn't think that they practice it at work. They don't give out allowances either. They only practice reimbursements. Because of the changes that are getting rolled out in his work place that don't at all benefit the staff, the more I want him to move on from his current job, and just fully support his idea to move us to his home country. I'm hoping he'll land a job that wouldn't require him to pay for his professional expenses with his personal money.

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