Sep 22, 2009

seeing the past drive by

Like literally. I'm talking about our previous car. While driving this past week I saw our old car twice! It was kind of strange seeing it driven by another person. For some reason, it looked more appealing despite wanting so badly to get rid of it when it was ours. Talk about irony. It was like seeing an old boyfriend walk by with a new girl, saying to yourself "I had him and dumped him." It was really more like that for me.

It looked so expensive and shiny. However, the fact didn't escape me that it was such a gas guzzler and that brought me back to earth.

Yesterday J saw it drive into the lane where we were and even parked in front of us at the supermarket. It brought some funny feeling to him for sure. We liked that car for its space and capacity but not for what it took out of our pockets.

Our current car has been very lovely in all ways. I'm satisfied. It will be one of the things I'll miss when we move overseas. We plan not to buy a car for as long as we can help it that's why we intend to live in the city and take advantage of public transport. Hence, eyeing cities that have a really good network of buses and trains.

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