Sep 18, 2009

ideas for fun

For the past week or so, all I got busy with was either nursing a sick child or work. I kept thinking that there must be some form of healthy distraction that I should indulge myself into. Sometimes being a parent can be limiting, and I don't mean that with regret. It has brought on a stricter structure in my life which required less time for doing whatever I want at any given moment.

Reading about the Best of Wellington 2009 gave me ideas for fun that reasonably fit well into my availability and willingness.

  • Eat at a seafood restaurant here in Wellington
  • Learn to swim
  • Take part in the free rock climbing and abseiling by Push Play
  • Try the dining places that made it to the Best of Wellington 2009 that we have not tried yet
Apart from fish n' chips shops, there are very few seafood restaurants here in Wellington. I remember J and I making a promise to dine in a really good one for our birthdays but we ended up going to Logan Brown instead. We still had seafood but it's not a seafood restaurant. We find it odd because this country is composed of 2 islands. Islands!

I know how to float but I can't swim to save my life. J has always pushed for me to take lessons but it was only recently that I made the decision when I was trying to book my child's second level swim class! He graduated from Waterbabies last year!

Basically, we want to maximize our experience and time here. It sure makes a difference knowing that we're moving within 2 years. Maybe we'll consider going on a picnic in Matiu Island this spring.

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