Sep 24, 2009

selling baby stuff

Thanks to I will teach you to be rich, I sold our used exersaucer on Trademe within 12 hours of posting it!

After reading his post on earning money on ebay, I immediately posted the item without any pictures. I was using J's laptop at that time and it was 11pm. Too much drag to go to my desktop and upload the pics.

I followed his advice to have a better title. I would have just used "Exersaucer Delux - USED" but decided to put up "Evenflo Exersaucer Delux - USED for 5 months only". I usually put how long an item is used in the description, and so I guessed this time it paid to put it out in the title.

I auctioned it at $25 with a buy-now of $40. Somebody bought it for $40! I'm so happy! I have a co-worker who will also buy the sleeping bag for $5, which I bought for $10 last year. It was not used actually but I think it's not so bad to sell it for half that considering that it's almost a year old.

Next to sell: changing table, wool rug and pram.

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