Aug 20, 2009

learning from my grocery budget experiment

Effective next budget period, the grocery budget will be $300. From January, we only met the $250 budget 3 times! Can you believe it? I'm still in denial I guess. I feel that I'm an organized person and can definitely do better than this, but a part of me just had to let go. It's obvious that at this time $250/fortnight is not realistic. I guess I just don't want to increase the budget too soon as I know inflation will eventually creep up and force me into giving in anyway.

With $300, I expect that we'll hardly go beyond that as we do now. For the most part of this year to date, our grocery spends are between $250 and $300. J keeps telling me to be realistic and be okay with a little overbudgeting than otherwise (which I did with grocery!).

I updated the rest of the year's grocery budget last night. They look good even without J's salary increase effected yet. With his new salary increase, he'll be bringing in an extra $80/fortnight after taxes and Kiwisaver taken out. Not bad. We were told that we'd get our remuneration letters this month but haven't received any yet. We'll see if I get any increase, but I hope I do!

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