Aug 22, 2009

gone health insurance, gone

After further consideration, J and I decided to get rid of our health insurance. We've never made a claim since getting it. Whenever we get sick and need to go to the doctor, we pay for our visits ($10 for kid, $28 for adults) but the medicines are subsidized by the government.

I'm so glad that I had my physiotherapy done before the government decided to cut the subsidy in November. I had about 8 visits, which now will cost between $40 and $80 each depending on the nature of the visit. I'd still go for my visits, if subsidy was cut off then, because I deferred it for so long and suffered an aching back for months after child birth. I feel for the low-income people who will have to bear the cost this time. Maybe they wouldn't even want to go to therapy at all. :(

Going back to insurance, I don't think insurance will cover physiotherapy costs but I get the feeling that this new change would be used to strategically market to people who think they might need it. So without paying for insurance, we get an extra $46 per fortnight. :)

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