Aug 20, 2009

update: grocery budget - failed!

We went shopping today for:

  • a bag of mandarins
  • 2 tins of baby formula
  • a bag of dog food - we still have some but will not last 3 days
  • juice
  • baking ingredients - caster sugar, vinegar and choco powder
  • a loaf of bread - we still have a loaf but bought anyway in anticipation of the weekend
  • pate
  • raspberry jelly
Total damage was $90.21.

To date, grocery spending is at $269.91!!! It's only day 8! 6 days left until the end of this budget period.

I don't know how I can manage not to buy anything for the next 6 days. The frozen meat we have is only good for 1 meal. I plan to stir-fry noodles without meat and mix it with frozen veggies that we still have. I already know that we'll spend more before the period ends next Wednesday.

Another cause for variance in our grocery spending are items like dog food, diapers and baby formula. We're now starting to wean the baby off the formula so in time we'll get rid of this expense. Same goes for diapers. It can be quite difficult to have a set grocery list when I don't know when these 3 will be used up.

I don't want to raise our budget to $300 but maybe I should? Help!

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