Aug 22, 2009

who wants a dog?

My husband, who loves animals a lot, has been thinking of giving our dog away. Much as I ache a bit about giving him away, I kinda want to too. He's not a high maintenance dog at all. In fact, he's quite easy to deal with and has been housebroken since he was about 7 weeks old.

But he barks. He barks at the wind, at the birds, at people passing by. He doesn't bark incessantly, and I think that he's barking behavior is justified by his nature to protect his family. He responds to calls, especially when we say "Treats!". He knows how to sit, go down on all fours, and jump on command.

If I really think about him not living with us anymore, it's more of the letting go that makes me cry. Life after that seems to appear simpler in my mind. Honestly, it only gets complicated whenever we go out of town. So, maybe we'll be giving him away before Christmas.

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