Jul 11, 2009

holidays upcoming

We'll be off to Auckland in early August to register the kiddo at the US embassy. We'll be there for 5 days and so we had to book for accommodation and we did it again through Wotif. Let's see if the studio apartment we rented looks great. I'm big on reviews - mostly giving them.

We've just booked our return ferry trip to Piction for Christmas holidays. We'll be driving from Picton with main stopovers in Queenstown and Christchurch. Any ideas for itinerary?


  1. WOW, booking already?! Hmm, maybe I should stay in NZ this summer. Sounds awesome.

    I'm glad stress levels are declining. Just keep plugging away at the debt, you'll get close to our bets eventually! Maybe we should have made easy bets so you'd feel accomplished?! Don't want to make it so hard that it is discouraging...that would be counter-productive. :)

  2. We didn't want to book yet but when we checked online, the cheaper fares were starting to sell out! I knew someone who had a sudden urge to do the SI trip in Nov and paid for $$$ just to cross over.

    We are still trying to get closer to your bets. It has helped that we no longer stress so much about it as long as our debt payoff plan is mechanical and we stay disciplined (at least for this year haha).

    Thanks for the support!