Jul 15, 2009

Kiwis running low on moolah?

Oh my, reading all these articles makes me nervous! Aren't you scared yet?

Kiwis short on savings
Running on empty

Last weekend, a sorta friend told me that her husband's work colleagues can easily spend their salaries on drinks. That's nuts! However, I've heard many stories about Kiwis going on regular drinks until they are sloshed. Mind you, a glass of wine is around $8 in a bar/pub.

Here in NZ, it is currently school holidays and mid-winter. This is the time when families "tend" to take their kids skiing. Last year we went on a road trip to Mt. Ruapehu and that easily cost us $1k overnight and we didn't even ski! I hope they have planned for their Christmas/summer trip in case they plan to spend some more.

I think I am quite satisfied with our staycation this winter. Our South Island road trip is currently being planned for. I am just hoping we don't go beyond $2k inclusive of petrol, food, and accommodation. We plan to camp so that we can save and have more fun. :) Good thing a coworker offered to lend me their camping gears.

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  1. Hi Tasha
    Here in the UK it is very much the same - I don't think many would be able to manage beyond one month on savings. Mind you the UK goverment tend to pump money at those on lower incomes via family credit etc. Drinking among the young (18-25 age group)is some of the worst in Europe, or so the media tells us - a glass of wine will put you back about £3.50+ which is about the $8 bar/pub you have in NZ. So don't think your worst off!
    Did the Mt Ruapehu trip a few years back when home on holiday but stayed at a B'n'B in Taupo and spent a lot less than $1k.