Apr 27, 2009

another tooth fix

I called the dental office this morning and got booked for a noon appointment. The dentist did another fix that felt automatically solid once he put the broken half on. When it was all done, he said that the cost would be half because the first fix fell apart just after a day. I argued with that because if he had done his 2nd fix in the first place, we wouldn't be having that conversation, would we?

I ended up paying 50%. I kinda knew he still would charge me for the cost of the resources. I felt it was unfair and I was already putting up a fight but saw the uselessness of it. I have already spent $261 on the damn tooth. Anyway, I managed to work for the most part of the day. Productive even with the headache that came with the worry of a broken tooth.

My manager was understanding when I talked to him about my plans to fly on a dental holiday. Everybody was supportive and suggested that I just get it over and done with. My manager though felt that if he were in my position he probably wouldn't. He joked that he didn't have $1k to blow on his tooth. He has a shaky one actually.

With that I pondered on a bit. Wow. He's certainly earning more than I do so I wonder why there wouldn't be money to spend on dental health? Every time I read about bloggers who experience hardships right now I get easily disheartened. Here I am about to blow whatever savings we have! That's more than enough to make me depressed.

A day after, online air fare has shot up by a couple hundreds. Sucks! The more I want to just wait but I know that once this 2nd fix falls apart, I will be frantic again. It's getting old. But my job requires a lot of social interaction. I'm glad that nothing is in the pipeline until the next fiscal year kicks in in July. Winter is going to be slow for work again that's why I keep wanting to hold the trip until then. Would the tooth hold though? Oh I don't know!!!

Any advice?


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this! that sucks! that dentist is a crook for making you pay twice. he should have done a good job the first time around!!

    I definitely think that health has to come first. Plus, not getting a permanent fix will affect your job/income.

    Airfare should go down with the swine flu stuff affecting everything. maybe see what happens later in the week? airfare usually changes on Wed.-ish.

  2. I waited til Wednesday to buy tix. I wasn't keen to press that button to pay the tickets but you're right, health is important and I need to take care of it now. I've procrastinated far too long!