Apr 29, 2009

kitchens on tv

Don't you hate it when you see something that you want on TV and realized how bad you really want it and how you don't like what you have or don't have?

Take our kitchen for example. It's so old but it still does what it's supposed to do. When I was in a seminar today we were asked if we always check for benefits when we review the outcomes of our projects. If our kitchen were semi-new, it really would not have any difference in results. What would be different are our feelings towards having a nice kitchen.

Our kitchen has cupboards, plenty of space in fact. Going back, that was what we lacked in places we rented. Now we have adequate space but we would like our storages placed according to our liking. Our plates and bowls are not placed together, as the pots and pans. Our main plates are in the lower cupboard because that's where they can fit. Below the plates are our glasses, just 3 inches above the floor. However, the fact is all of our stuff are stored. We may have to adjust the way we do things but in the end we still achieve our goal - eat.

Then I ask myself how financially comfortable and secure those people are, those who have nice kitchens. Are they in debt just to have a nice kitchen? Are they rich and so they can afford to? I suppose the question really is how I want to place myself so that I enjoy the tangible things in life.

I hope those people who have nice kitchens are truly enjoying their kitchens! I hope that they never regretted getting into debt for it, if they did. In the meantime, J and I will keep salivating over Grand Designs projects while we save for our new one. The great thing about having time to think, mostly due to no funds for it, is that we realized how often our ideas change; and yet the more they change, the more our perfect kitchen takes form in our imagination.

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