Dec 30, 2008

why budget is not on top of the list

My previous entry received a comment:

I don't mean to put money at the top but your item - efficient budget caught my eye. Money issues can cause so many relationship problems that I'd almost put that one at the top. No matter how good the rest of your life is, if money is a problem it seeps to the rest of your life.

I gave it a thought cos maybe she had a point, but I just really don't consider it as my top reasons of happiness. I actually did not have it in the original list but still included it becos of its value to my current state of happiness.

My budget wouldn't be efficient as it is if my husband is not cooperative and supportive. I manage our finances but I'm not the only person earning in my family. He also has the right to spend his earnings but he supports the idea of getting an allowance. My family is my top priority right now. They were the reason why I started my budget in the first place.

While I don't agree with that comment, I don't feel anything against making it on top of the list but it just wouldn't be mine. My family's personalities and preferences are just different from the commentor's.

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