Jan 22, 2009

back from holiday

For the past month I was wondering why my Kiwisaver contributions were not getting transferred. I looked at both ING and Kiwisaver websites but it looked like my employer was not transferring any of my contributions. I was prepared to ask Payroll upon my return from holiday but luckily my Kiwisaver account showed updates today and I'm happy.

Holiday was great! I'm recharged again! We spent cash only. That feels great and I'm quite inspired to continue on this lifestyle for the rest of the year. It feels weird to be back. When I entered our house the walls looked so bare compared to my parents' house that had some wall fixtures. I should get our frames up and get some nice new curtains.

I'm not gonna post much today because I'm busy doing laundry and sorting out our house that is quite messy. Til then!

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