Dec 9, 2008

6-monthly performance reviews

My work place has decided to implement performance reviews every 6 months. I was told last week that next year's salary increase is looking bleak due to the current recession. Expecting for the worse to come, there will be an increase in January and another in July/August so that when you add them together it would appear to be significant. In my opinion "significant" just means "what you're really worth at that time".

I'm just pleased to find that out. I could always use an increase in pay :) I promised myself that if I don't get at least $5K over and above my current salary by next fiscal year I will start looking for another job. However, I'm very committed to making our processes mature and we're on our way there. I don't like leaving a position with it or its team in the same or worse condition than before I was hired. I always like to mark my presence by letting my work speak for itself.

Enough of that romantic point of view :) Another increase in a month! Woo hoo!

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