Nov 26, 2008

Change of plans

We decided after some budget-centric deliberation that we are moving our housewarming to February next year. We just don’t want to push it and find ourselves with less travel money than planned. Everything is working well right now that we’d rather keep that steady until after our return.

The trip is going to cost us money for the baby’s christening, a short trip to HK, and possibly some dental work, but it’s also going to make us (especially me) happy and recharged. I invest in that because I don’t splurge, but when I have all my loved ones around me during my favourite holiday I just have to relax with finances. And so in order for us to just do that we need plenty of buffer. Of course we’re not going to return with empty pockets, but at least we didn’t crimp on anything because we didn’t plan for the trip! It’s like so pitiful in my opinion when you know something’s coming up that will require money out of you and never got to really prepare for it. It makes one bitter, and that better be not me!

Our house sitter is already living with us as a tenant first. He’s nice but he is finding it uncomfortable living with a dog I think. We took a dog in for a few days as trial to have him as our pet’s company and that didn’t work out. Anyway, I’m a little annoyed because he admits being a cat person and he better commit to this house sitting thing or just get out of it way, way before we leave, and that’s now.

I’m bitter about the interest rates falling recently. We are paying our mortgage 1% or so higher than the current rate! We are on fixed term for the next 10 months but maybe I can find a way to lower that down. Any advice on that?

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