Dec 13, 2008

Updated net worth

Wow! Thanks to Scotch our net worth is now updated with proper values. I was under the impression that I can't claim the current value of our home unless we've paid the mortgage off. So there, we're at least a good net worth better off than 3 months ago.

J and I have been consistently discussing about refurbishing our home. At some point we were almost sold into the idea of forgetting about re-layouting but I just can't keep my mind off of the idea that our home would be functionally better if the layout is improved. We were advised by our mortgage broker to live in the house for a year to get a feel for what we really want out of it. Should we realize that we wouldn't live in it for at least 5 years, it doesn't make sense to invest in the refurbishments we want at this point, which is probably around $50K. We want to tear a wall down to open up the egg-box feel of the house but it's a load-bearing wall so careful planning is a must.

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