Aug 29, 2008

August goal achieved!

With sacrifices and less savings, our goal to reduce debt to $8,500 has been achieved. At first it wasn't easy to part with savings only for it to go towards debt payments, but it's part of learning the lesson. Spending cash strictly is still an ongoing challenge for us, but we are doing much, much better.

Our September goal is to reduce debt further to $7,500. I know we can do it with back pays coming soon. That would roughly be $700. I know that I blogged about putting it towards car payments but I'm following Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps so I'll be putting that extra money towards our lowest plastic debt.

I can't wait for our HP loans to be over in September! Really good to start feeling free.


  1. Oh congratulations!!!!

    That's wonderful.

  2. yippee! congrats on meeting your goal.