Sep 1, 2008

Review of September goal

September goal: Reduce debt to $7,500.

Current debt stands at $8,400 and I know I said repeatedly that we will put the back pays next pay day towards debt. However, there is a possibility of us moving to a new place and that's going to cost us a bit and I'm thinking that it might be a better plan to put the back pays in savings instead until we're sure what the moving costs are.

We might be moving to our own home. Cross fingers it works out even if it means diving into what might be the biggest debt of our lifetime! The property we are hoping to get is selling for less than its rateable value. Down by $18,000! Ain't that nifty? :) It's going to be in the burb though. We'll miss the city but we work here so there's not much missing that's going to happen.

Oh, we're excited! :-D

PS: It's the first day of SPRING! Love it!

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