Aug 28, 2008

Not too organized we are

I thought we had it all worked out, but unfortunately we forgot to include our WOF being due on Sept 3rd in addition to a change of oil filter with our current mileage. Grunt.

I don't know how much both would cost. Our budget only has less than $100 to cover unplanned expenses. This isn't emergency so I don't intend to pull money from EF. The thing that worries me more is the possibility of needing to improve certain things of the car - like tires (or tyres in British english). In July we were told at Beaurepairs that the front tires might not pass WOF, so we are prepared for that although I'm not sure if their advice was motivated by selling. WOF is $50, so that's a bit better to know. I just hope they are not going to tell us we'd rather just get a newer car after inspection tomorrow!

Given the tight schedule, we really need to push for WOF so that we don't have days without a car. The only thing that limits us from taking the bus is taking the baby to day care. It's not bad of a walk from a bus stop but it's very hilly here in Wellington. Oh well, if that ever happens at least we burn some calories.

Weight loss
Speaking of (or typing about) weight, I lost 1.1kg (2.42 lbs) in less than 3 weeks! I have not exercised for a while now but all this baby carrying is just like toning muscles. Our baby is close to 10kg now so imagine our living and breathing dumbbell! :)

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