Jul 13, 2008

Winter wonderland

I mentioned last post that we were thinking of going up north to have some snow fun and that I changed my mind. I changed my mind again! Ok, it wasn't only my decision but if I didn't want to go it would not have happened. But it's ok because my family had fun and it was not an expensive trip. We went to Ruapehu.

Spent $50+ to fill it up Friday night. Spent $105 on the way back Sunday morning.

Paid $160 for an overnight stay.

$35 for Saturday lunch
$33 for Saturday dinner; J bought us really yummy dessert that he paid for using his allowance. Very sweet.
$41.5 for Sunday breakfast; well worth it because we didn't need to have lunch after that.

Overall the weekend getaway was nice and fun. Total spend was $424.50. I wonder how much it would have cost us if we rented out snow gears and stayed in chalets. Holidays with children are not cheap! I of course understand my mother now, why she was a tight-wad back in the days. My baby is not even walking yet so imagine if he were already older and wanted more play fun.

Anyway, I had a webcam chat with my mom and she told me that the city is starting to be less congested with cars. Petrol prices have changed the way people commute now. That's good to know! By the way, you should check out powersavers. NZ is strongly advocating saving power!

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