Jul 6, 2008

Running errands to clear my mind

Getting rid of stuff

Various PF blogs have advocated the value of getting rid of unnecessary stuff by selling them. I'm doing just that for 2 things - our small car and my breast pump with various accessories. They are not sold yet! I'm getting antsy!

The plan was to sell the small car, use the sale money to pay off its loan balance and pay (almost half of) the big car loan. That would leave us with more or less $3K of car loan left to pay, which I'm confident that we can achieve in less than 8 months given our current financial status. We are currently paying both loans ($180 fortnightly) and higher insurance (now at $66 fortnightly) and it's just annoying. We have been getting interests but we aren't willing to sell the small car short. It's in very good condition with very low mileage and only 4 years old. If we were in a hurry to get rid of it, we'd probably have sold it for $6500 but we just can't! I still have love for that car and I'm not entirely happy to let it go but it's the wisest thing to do. Sigh.

Hopefully somebody out there who needs to express her overflowing milk finds her way to my breast pump auction. I only used it for a few times (read: less than 10 times) and wish I didn't get it. Hmpf.

Trying to save

I ran errands today and passed by a few stores. I'm thinking of getting new boots as my current pair is starting to disintegrate. I don't know yet whether it's wiser to wait til it struggles or to buy a new one now. Maybe it's better to wait until next year (I only wear boots in winter), I don't know. While I don't know, I'm not buying.

I went inside Jay Jay's to look for a nice postie bag but I kept looking at jackets instead. I was close to getting either a wool hooded vest or a cardi, but I didn't. It wasn't hard to do that, I just want to sometimes get myself something.

The joy of public library

My baby's still young but he seems to listen to story telling and likes looking at colorful picture books. After running all errands, I borrowed 3 picture books today. I'm excited to read him those short stories and, at the same time, glad that I don't have to buy all those books for him!

Snow holiday

I suggested to J today that we take a weekend getaway to Ruapehu and catch some snow, but during my errands I started to back off from that idea. It just means unplanned cash outflow and we're working on being smart about not doing any of that anymore. So, like my new pair of boots, maybe next winter?

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