Apr 30, 2008

More on allowance

Sense to Dollars commented on my last post by saying that she does not set allowance for herself. I will miss those days!

I have not lived on allowance since I was in college. How long ago was that? Too long. :)

But I have a plan! Don't we all with our money? :)

Here's the thing: I get $10/day. If I don't use it up that day, or whatever's left, it goes straight to the emergency fund. I figure that would get our EF snowball rolling.

Oh, and the last post struck a convo with J. He's now willing to get the same allowance of $10/day from $15/day! Isn't he the nicest husband ever? :) Well, there's a catch - so long as we get My Sky installed. It's like Tivo and it has a one-off fee of $599. Uhm.

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