Apr 29, 2008


On Monday, May 5th, I'll be going back to work after 15 weeks of maternity leave. I'm a bit excited and worried at the same time. My return to work only means that my baby is about 7 weeks away from a stranger's child care. But that's another story.

During my leave I realized that I needed to give myself an allowance, just like my husband. He gets $150 for 10 days of work, or exactly 2 weeks. That's $15/day. While I can give myself the same, I feel that $15/day would be a bit much especially now that I plan to regularly pack our lunches. Plus of course having a baby increases our expenses. So I have decided on $10/day.

I can almost hear you say "Why does he get $15 and you don't?".

Well...I'm the financial manager, and that only means I control the moolah in this family. I have access to everything! *Devil's grin*

Seriously, though, that's true. J receives his allowance in his checking account. He does not even know when pay day is because he lives off on his allowance pretty much. He has access to everything too but not really into the details unlike me.

So, the question is, is $10/day enough? What is your daily allowance, may I ask?


  1. Hi there!
    I live in Auckland, and got the link from Sense to Dollars.

    My partner and I both get paid monthly, we get $160 per month each.

    This covers coffees, lunches (if we don't take from home) magazines, books etc..

  2. Wow, glad someone is clicking on my blogroll...

    I love the new layout, Tasha!

  3. Wow! I suddenly feel excessive with my $100/week allowance!

    You got me thinking now...

  4. Sense,

    Hey! I know, I keep changing layouts. I'm just fickle!

  5. I don't really give myself an allowance-- maybe I should try that.

    I tend to have a really tight rein on my spending, so I don't really blow my money on things I don't really need that often.

    On the other hand, this means I don't budget for FUN--I only spend what I need to, and not much more. I need more fun in my life!

  6. oops psy, i meant $100/fortnight.