Apr 21, 2008

Staying positive

Wow, 2 more sleeps and it's pay day once again. What I'm excited about is the fact that we have managed to keep our net balance in the positive side this pay period. This just means that none of the incoming income will go straight to overdraft payment. Yay to us!

For the past 3 pay periods (or 6 weeks, 1 pay period=fortnight), we have over drafted. Though they were between $100 and $200, every dollar counted during that time because I was only earning maternity benefits. What was different about this pay period is simply spending less. It helped that this pay period did not carry our monthly dues as well. Being disciplined this period will hopefully get us back again on track, which is having positive net balances.

Much as I want to snowball our current net balance to one of our CC debts, I had already made plans to run errands tomorrow. One of which is to apply for a marriage certificate that costs $26. I will also mail out my KiwiSaver application tomorrow. Finally I got it all ready! It's about time I do it.

In less than 2 weeks I'll be back to work and will earn regular income again. I'm also excited to find out how much my increase will be this year. Last year I got ~3% after only 2 months in the job. So this year it will have to be more than that because I know I did well. Despite all the future income increases, there is not much room for blow money because we now have a child.

We've also been looking into the property market more closely this time. Ooh, mortgage. We made our first visit to a house on sale but that will be another post.

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